You may not know this, but 72% of brands believe integrating UGC into marketing can lead to more genuine customer relationships. 

Remember when a celebrity endorsement or a polished ad campaign could guarantee brand success?  Fast forward to today, and consumers crave something more real and relatable. They’re turning a blind eye to staged perfection and actively seeking out authentic connections with brands.

But before this, you have to understand “How to get Noticed by Brands looking for UGC Creators”, so below we mention some points:

How to Get Noticed by Brands Are Looking for UGC Creators:

Content is King (or Queen):

  • Create High-Quality Content: This is the foundation of everything. Your content should be visually appealing, informative, and engaging for your target audience.
  • Focus on Your Niche: Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Find your niche and become an expert in that area. Brands are more likely to partner with creators who have a well-defined audience.
  • Post Consistently: Regularly creating content shows brands you’re dedicated to and keeps your audience engaged.

Become Discoverable:

  • Optimize Your Profiles: Use relevant keywords in your bio and profile descriptions. This will help brands find you when they’re searching for creators.
  • Leverage Hashtags: Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach a wider audience and get your content seen by brands.
  • Engage with Brands: Like and comment on brand posts, participate in their contests and challenges, and show them you’re a genuine fan and potential partner.

Proactive Outreach:

  • Create a Media Kit: This is a one-stop shop for brands to learn about you, your audience, and your content creation skills.
  • Pitch Directly: Research brands you’d love to work with and send them a personalized pitch outlining your value proposition.

Here, we are mentioning some brands that are looking for UGC Creators:

1. Thinx:

Thinx, a period care company known for its innovative leakproof underwear, actively seeks UGC creators to showcase their products. These collaborations foster trust by featuring honest reviews and celebrating body confidence through period positivity campaigns.

brands are looking for UGC creators

2. Outdoor Voices:

Outdoor Voices, a brand offering activewear designed for a diverse audience, leverages UGC creators to showcase their clothing in real-world action. From yoga poses to mountain hikes, these creators demonstrate the functionality and style of Outdoor Voices products in everyday settings. This approach builds trust with potential customers who see how the clothes perform during various activities.

brands are looking for UGC creators

3. Away:

Away, the luggage brand synonymous with sleek suitcases and travel accessories thrives on user-generated content. Travel bloggers and enthusiastic globetrotters constantly feature Away products on social media, fueling wanderlust inspiration. This organic integration positions Away at the heart of travel adventures, fostering brand loyalty and encouraging potential customers to envision themselves using Away products on their journeys.

travel brands looking for UGC Creators

4. Quip:

For a genuine smile refresh, Quip partners with dental hygiene influencers. These UGC creators showcase the ease and effectiveness of Quip’s electric toothbrushes through real-life testimonials and product reviews. This builds trust with potential customers who see how Quip integrates seamlessly into daily routines for a brighter smile.

how to find ugc creators

5. ColourPop:

Rounding out our first look at brands embracing UGC creators, ColourPop, the vibrant makeup brand known for its diverse and creative community, thrives on collaboration. Beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists showcase the versatility and affordability of ColourPop products through inspiring looks and tutorials. This co-creation keeps ColourPop at the forefront of beauty trends, fostering a loyal following among makeup lovers.

fashion brands looking for UGC creators

6. Patagonia:

Patagonia, the outdoor apparel giant known for its commitment to sustainability and activism, isn’t your typical brand when it comes to UGC.  While they may not be the most overtly flashy with influencer marketing, Patagonia understands the power of visual user-generated content to showcase their products in their natural habitat – the great outdoors.  Expect to see passionate hikers, kayakers, and climbers sharing their adventures while sporting Patagonia gear, building trust and authenticity with environmentally conscious consumers.

travel brands looking for UGC Creators

7. GoPro:

GoPro, the synonymous name in action cameras, has built its brand around user-generated content (UGC) since its inception.  Their cameras are designed to capture the thrill of adventure, and who better to showcase that thrill than the adventurers themselves? GoPro cultivates a passionate UGC community through contests, challenges, and engagement. They leverage stunning footage from athletes, bikers, vloggers, and everyday thrill-seekers to inspire wanderlust and demonstrate the capabilities of their cameras in real-world scenarios. This authentic approach positions GoPro as the go-to gear for capturing life’s most epic moments.

brands are looking for UGC creators

8. Burt’s Bees:

Burt’s Bees, the beloved natural skincare brand, embraces UGC creators to showcase their commitment to natural ingredients and everyday wellness.  Partnering with beauty enthusiasts and lifestyle bloggers, Burt’s Bees leverages user-generated content to highlight the effectiveness of their products in a relatable way. Think glowing skin tutorials featuring their balms or soothing nighttime routines showcasing their calming lotions – all presented by real people with whom their target audience can connect. This strategy fosters trust and positions Burt’s Bees as a natural solution for achieving a healthy, radiant glow.

beauty brands looking for UGC Creators

9. Hello Bello:

Hello Bello, the company offering affordable and eco-friendly baby care products, partners with UGC creators to showcase their products in a heartwarming and relatable way.  These content collaborations can feature:

  • Product Reviews: Parents share their honest experiences using Hello Bello diapers, wipes, and other essentials on their little ones.
  • Daily Routines: UGC creators document how Hello Bello products seamlessly integrate into their daily baby care routines, building trust with potential customers.
  • Adorable Moments: Hello Bello embraces babies’ inherent cuteness. UGC creators often capture heartwarming moments featuring their babies using Hello Bello products, fostering brand loyalty through positive associations.

This approach positions Hello Bello as a brand that understands the challenges and joys of parenthood, building trust with families seeking safe and effective baby care solutions.

brands are looking for UGC creators

10. Innisfree:

Innisfree, the South Korean beauty brand known for its natural ingredients and focus on eco-friendliness, leverages UGC creators to connect with beauty enthusiasts seeking effective and sustainable skincare solutions.  These collaborations can take a few forms:

  • Ingredient Exploration: UGC creators delve into the natural ingredients used in Innisfree products, educating viewers about the brand’s commitment to botanical extracts and eco-conscious practices.
  • Real-life Skincare Routines: Beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiasts showcase how they incorporate Innisfree products into their daily routines, demonstrating their effectiveness and ease of use.
  • Before & After Transformations: Some creators may share “before and after” visuals highlighting the positive effects of using Innisfree products.
brands are looking for UGC creators


The world of UGC creation is booming, offering a powerful way for brands to connect with real customers. By partnering with talented UGC creators, you can tap into fresh perspectives, boost brand authenticity, and reach new audiences. If you’re ready to leverage the power of UGC, take action today! Start searching for creators who align with your brand voice and target audience, and get ready to build mutually beneficial partnerships that fuel your marketing success.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert