Imagine if people raving about your brand online could help your business grow. That’s the power of user-generated content (UGC), such as customer reviews, photos, and videos. But managing all this great content can be tricky. Here’s where UGC apps come in!

These unique UGC tools make collecting UGC easy, running contests to encourage more, and even turning it into sales. So, if you want happy customers to spread the word or you’re a creative person looking to share your talents, there’s a UGC app out there to help you shine!

List of Top 10 UGC Apps:

1. Taggbox:

Taggbox helps you collect user-generated content from social media and showcase it on your website or even turn it into shoppable posts.

Pro: Easy collection, display, and sales options for UGC.
Con: The free plan might have features that are limited.

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2. Social Native:

E-commerce brands, this one’s for you! Social Native simplifies UGC curation and influencer marketing, streamlining the process for maximum impact.

Pro: Perfect for online shops.
Con: It might not be ideal for non-e-commerce businesses.

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3. Tagshop:

Ever wished user photos could drive sales? Tagshop turns UGC into shoppable galleries, letting customers buy directly from inspiring content.

Pro: Boosts sales through UGC.
Con: A free plan might have limitations.

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4. Billo:

Creators and brands, rejoice! Billo offers a one-stop shop for UGC. Create, schedule, collaborate, and manage rights – all in a user-friendly platform.

Pro: Multi-purpose for all needs.
Con: The free plan might have limitations

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5. TINT:

Big businesses, take note! TINT provides a robust solution for enterprise-level UGC management. It covers you from collection and moderation to rights and social listening.

Pro: Powerful features for large companies.
Con: It may be expensive for smaller businesses.

UGC apps in 2024

6. Pixlee:

Want to harness the power of UGC from various sources? Pixlee collects content from social media and influencers, offering features like shoppable options and social scheduling for a seamless experience.

Pro: Integrates UGC from multiple platforms.
Con: Pricing is not publicly available.

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7. Gleam:

Spark user engagement with Gleam! Run UGC contests, build social galleries, and reward user participation. It’s a win-win for brands and UGC creators alike.

Pro: Encourages user-generated content through contests.
Con: Free plan might have limitations on contest types.

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8. Tribe:

Build a loyal community around your brand with Tribe. This platform fosters organic UGC creation and brand advocacy, turning customers into cheerleaders.

Pro: Drives organic UGC and brand loyalty.
Con: Free plan might have limitations on community size.

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9. Captions:

Struggling with writer’s block for your Instagram captions? Captions have your back! Generate creative and engaging captions to take your Instagram posts to the next level.

Pro: Creates captivating captions for Instagram.
Con: Limited to Instagram use.

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10. Later:

This app focuses on social media scheduling and management, but it also offers powerful UGC features.

Pro: Perfect for planning and publishing UGC alongside other social media content, with features like user tagging and analytics.
Con: It might not have the in-depth UGC management tools like other apps.)

UGC apps in 2024


With so many UGC apps available, there’s a perfect fit for every brand or creator. Whether you want to target specific audiences, boost sales through UGC, or build a loyal community, these marketing tools can empower you. Consider your needs, budget, and desired features when choosing your ideal app. Remember, UGC is a powerful force in today’s digital world, and with the right tools, you can harness its potential to elevate your brand or personal voice. So, dive into the world of UGC apps and unlock creative possibilities!