In today’s digital age, consumers have a powerful voice. User-generated content, or UGC, refers to the wealth of content images, videos, reviews, and more created by everyday people about brands and products. This explosion of UGC tools has transformed marketing, allowing brands to leverage authentic content that resonates with audiences. From social media posts to customer reviews, UGC builds trust and fuels engagement, making it a valuable tool for any marketer’s toolbox.

What is UCG Tools

UCG Tools are software platforms that empower businesses to effectively manage User-Generated Content (UGC). These tools extend far beyond simply scraping content from social media. They provide a comprehensive suite of features to streamline the entire UGC workflow, including:

  • UGC Discovery: Find relevant content based on hashtags, brand mentions, or collaborations with UGC creators.
  • UGC Collection: Easily request permission and collect UGC submissions, like photos, videos, and reviews, from various sources.
  • UGC Moderation: Review content to ensure it aligns with brand guidelines before publishing it in UGC ads or other marketing materials.
  • UGC Rights Management: Secure the proper usage rights from UGC creators before featuring their content in UGC video ads or other marketing campaigns.
  • UGC Analytics & Reporting: Track the performance of UGC campaigns that utilize UGC videos or photos, measuring their impact on brand awareness, engagement, and sales.
  • UGC Display Options: Seamlessly integrate UGC photos and videos into your marketing efforts, such as UGC ads, social media posts, website landing pages, and email marketing campaigns.

By leveraging UCG Tools, businesses can harness the power of authentic content created by their customers and UGC creators. This authentic user-generated content fosters trust, boosts engagement, and ultimately drives sales by showcasing real-world experiences with your brand.

List of UGC Tools:

1. Tagbox:

Tagbox is a powerful UGC platform for collecting user-generated content from various social media platforms. It offers features for moderating content, managing rights, and showcasing UGC on websites, email marketing, and digital signage.

Focus: Comprehensive UGC management, displaying UGC across marketing channels.

2. Bazaarvoice:

Bazaarvoice goes beyond just UGC. It allows you to collect, moderate, and showcase online reviews alongside other user-generated content like photos and videos. It also provides features for influencer sourcing and creating shoppable content galleries.

Focus: UGC management with a focus on reviews and shoppable content.

3. Dash Hudson:

Dash Hudson isn’t just about collecting UGC. It excels at social media analytics and marketing, helping you leverage user-generated content within your strategy. It offers features like tracking brand mentions, identifying potential influencers, and measuring the performance of UGC content.

Focus: Utilizing UGC within social media strategy with insightful analytics.

4. Insense:

Insense is a user-friendly UGC platform that allows you to discover user-generated content based on hashtags, collect content with permission, and moderate it before use. It offers basic display options and rights management tools.

Focus: Discovering, collecting, and managing UGC from social media platforms.

5. Yotpo:

Yotpo is a customer review and marketing platform designed for e-commerce businesses. It lets you collect and showcase customer reviews, photos, and videos. Yotpo also offers social commerce tools and loyalty program features.

Focus: Customer reviews and visual UGC for e-commerce businesses.

6. Stackla by Nosto:

Stackla by Nosto is an e-commerce marketing platform integrating user-generated content (UGC) with other B2B marketing tools. Users can collect, moderate, and display UGC alongside product recommendations and personalized offers, creating a more engaging shopping experience.

Focus: Leveraging UGC for sales and brand engagement within commerce marketing.

7. Billo:

Billo is a user-friendly UGC platform that allows you to collect content from social media and website uploads. You can moderate submissions, manage usage rights, and display UGC on your website or marketing materials. However, Billo offers fewer advanced features than some competitors, especially in reporting and analytics.

Focus: Basic UGC collection and management with display options.

8. Social Native:

Social Native is a UGC marketing platform that emphasizes influencer marketing. It helps you discover and connect with potential influencers who can create high-quality user-generated content for your brand. Social Native offers content moderation and display options alongside influencer marketing tools.

Focus: User-generated content marketing with an influencer focus.

9. JoinBrands:

JoinBrands offers a budget-friendly solution for managing user-generated content. You can collect content from social media platforms and website uploads, moderate submissions, and display UGC on your website or marketing materials. However, JoinBrands offers fewer customization options than some competitors for displaying UGC.

Focus: Managing basic UGC needs with display options.

10. Tint:

Tint is a user-friendly UGC marketing platform that uses social listening tools to help you discover user-generated content (UGC). It allows you to collect content with permission, moderate submissions, and display UGC on social media walls or website embeds. However, Tint offers limited features for managing usage rights and displaying UGC across all marketing channels.

Focus: Discovering, collecting, and managing UGC with social listening and moderation features.


UGC tools have become a game-changer for marketers. They empower you to leverage the power of user-generated content, fostering authenticity, engagement, and brand advocacy. By implementing the right tools and strategies, you can unlock the true potential of UGC and elevate your marketing efforts to new heights. Remember, UGC is a collaborative effort