Forget fancy marketing speak! Picture this: You’re scrolling through Instagram and see a friend rocking the most excellent new sneakers. Suddenly, you gotta have them, too, right? That’s the power of UGC Examples in action.

UGC is excellent content— videos, pictures, reviews, anything—created by real people, just like you, about brands and products they love. It’s honest, relatable, and way more engaging than anything a company can develop independently.

10 Examples of User-Generated Campaigns:

1. Stitch Fix “Fashion Fix Challenge”

  • Type: Trend Jacking + Product Integration
  • Description: Stitch Fix partnered with fashion influencers to create videos around TikTok’s trending “Fashion Fix” challenge. Influencers showed off their Stitch Fix deliveries and styled different outfits, generating excitement around the brand.
  • Achievement: Increased brand awareness and user engagement on TikTok.

2. Glossier “Ultralip Challenge”

  • Type: Branded Hashtag Challenge
  • Description: Glossier launched a UGC video challenge on TikTok using the hashtag #Ultralip. Users showcased their favorite lip colors and creative makeup using Glossier’s Ultralip lipstick.
  • Achievement: Increased brand visibility, user-generated content for the product launch, and valuable audience insights.

3. GoPro MAX 360° Challenge

  • Type: User-Generated Content Contest
  • Description: GoPro challenged users to capture unique 360° videos using their new GoPro MAX camera. Winners were chosen based on creativity and engagement.
  • Achievement: Encouraged product exploration, user-generated content for marketing purposes, and valuable customer testimonials.

4. Duolingo “Dualingo Challenge”

  • Type: Educational Challenge with Influencer Integration
  • Description: Language learning app Duolingo partnered with social media stars to create comedic videos using the hashtag #DuolingoChallenge. These lighthearted skits showcased the app’s features in an entertaining way.
  • Achievement: Increased brand awareness among a younger demographic and boosted app downloads.

5. Ulta Beauty “Makeup Tutorial Takeover”

  • Type: Influencer Collaboration with User Takeover
  • Description: Ulta Beauty partners with beauty influencers to host a “Makeup Tutorial Takeover” series on their social media. Fans submit their makeup looks for a chance to be featured in a video alongside the influencer.
  • Achievement: Increased brand reach through influencer partnerships, user engagement through participation, and diverse content showcasing product usage.

6. Spotify “Wrapped for Pets”

  • Type: User-Generated Content Integration in Brand Feature
  • Description: Building on the popularity of Spotify Wrapped, the music streaming service could create a “Wrapped for Pets” feature. Users submit data on their pet’s listening habits, generating a fun and personalized playlist.
  • Achievements: Increased user engagement on the Spotify app and positive brand sentiment through social media sharing of pet playlists.

7. Fenty Beauty “Fan Fenty Face”

  • Type: User-Generated Photo Campaign with Brand Advocacy
  • Description: Fenty Beauty encouraged fans to share photos using their makeup products with the hashtag #FanFentyFace. This campaign highlighted product diversity and real customer results.
  • Achievement: Strengthened brand loyalty, showcased product inclusivity, and generated user-created content for social media.

8. Headspace “Sleep Challenge”

  • Type: User-Generated Content Integration in Brand Content
  • Description: Meditation app Headspace featured blog posts by users detailing their experiences with the app’s “Sleep Challenge.” This provided valuable social proof and insights for potential customers.
  • Achievement: Increased brand trust and user engagement, showcasing the app’s effectiveness through real stories.

9. Airbnb “Host Stories”

  • Type: User-Generated Video Series Curated by Brand
  • Description: Airbnb’s “Host Stories” series features short documentaries about unique Airbnb hosts and their properties. This UGC content provides an authentic perspective on the Airbnb experience.
  • Achievement: Increased user engagement and interest in unique listings, showcasing the human connection aspect of Airbnb.

10. #PlantsOfInstagram UGC Photo Example

  • Type: Organic User-Generated Photo Trend with Brand Integration
  • Description: Houseplant enthusiasts have organically created the #PlantsOfInstagram trend. Plant shops and gardening brands can leverage this by featuring customer photos or running contests using the hashtag.
  • Achievement: Increased brand visibility within a relevant community, fostering organic user engagement.


So, there you have it! These are just a few examples of the many ways UGC can be leveraged to supercharge your brand strategy. Remember, UGC is all about authenticity and connection. By encouraging user-generated content, you’re opening the door for real people to become brand advocates, sharing their experiences and boosting trust with potential customers. So, get creative, have fun, and unleash the power of UGC to watch your brand take flight!